About Hickory Creek


Based in New York’s Hudson Valley, Hickory Creek provides practical, science-based approaches to help you protect the natural resources you value.

Scientific research continues to provide information about natural systems, how they work, and the benefits they provide for us. But our communities are faced with a headlong rush to energy and land development that too often threatens those systems and their many benefits.

Hickory Creek has worked with local government, planning boards, citizens’ groups, individual landowners, conservation organizations, educational organizations, land trusts, law firms, and regional planning groups to identify and protect natural resources for the future.

A healthy environment and a healthy economy–
this is not an ‘either-or’ choice. We need both. We all benefit when the true costs of development are included in land use decisions. We all benefit from protecting the environment we enjoy– and depend on for life.

At Hickory Creek, we’re applying over 25 years of experience in environmental impact evaluation, water resources protection, and habitat assessment to the challenge:
effective and practical protection of water, air and living systems.
For you, your kids, your community.