Land use includes a range of activities, some of which have negative effects on specific natural resources and systems (ecosystems, watersheds). These impacts extend to the services and benefits provided by natural systems. They include cumulative impacts over time.

Hickory Creek helps you identify these impacts, evaluate their effects, and develop local strategies for environmental protection–  whether you’re protecting a natural area, figuring out how to reduce flooding, or evaluating the effects of a subdivision, drilling rig or pipeline on water quality.

Services provided by Hickory Creek include:

  • Review site plans, environmental impact statements or assessments, project plans;
  • Evaluate impacts (including cumulative impacts) on natural resources, and identify how impacts will affect natural systems (ecosystems, watersheds) and the services  they provide for your community;
  • Develop and implement local water resource protection ordinances;
  • Identify locally ‘significant’ impacts; develop criteria for evaluating impact significance;
  • Plan mitigation and criteria for evaluating mitigation success;
  • Plan restoration for damaged ecosystems
  • Incorporate ‘true costs’ into environmental impact review;
  • Compile local checklists to facilitate environmental impact review.